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    Introduce yourself here! Say “Hi”, let us know what kinds of games you like to play and/or create. Get to know everyone else.

    Edit: When you have signed up / logged in you should see a “Howdy name” in the top right of your page. Hovering over this will give you an option to edit your profile include nickname.
    I’m Nathan. I started NaGa DeMon way back when I was younger and crazier and am very pleased that other people thought it was a cool thing to do. While I have a console or two, I am much more of a tabletop gamer. I create war-games and tabletop RPG’s mostly.

    You can find my games at



    Hi! Tanya here. My favorite games include Houses of the Blooded, Freemarket, 3:16, Solipsist, Sweet Agatha and things in that kind of vein. I’m also a fan of skirmish/narrative wargames. NaGaDeMon gives me a good impitus to get writing the kinds of games I enjoy, tho I’ve far more failed projects than winners (tho I’m OK with that). I also love it for reading/playing others games. Look forward to seeing what people post here.



    Bonjour ! Jemixene or Jem/Jim. Pronouns he/him. Fresh French NaGaDeMon member. I didn’t know I was writing RPG since two years ago (hi, my second name is Dumber). I’m a huge fan of old point & click computer games from the 90’s so it’s not surprising that I’m writing a tabletop RPG based on the old Might & Magic video games (not Heroes, true Might & Magic). In French for the beginning, tomorrow in English and next week I’m the king of the world. Yeah, no.
    Just a side note : I understand English but sometimes, I struggle to express myself (I have the same problem in French, it’s not you, it’s me). So don’t hesitate to correct my grammar or stuff like that. OK bye.




    I go by a few names, but Malloy is the most common. My tastes have a split personality. On the one hand, I am a ravenous consumer of character-driven narrative games. Burning wheel, Apocalypse World, The Riddle of Steel, and so on. On the other, I’m also a huge fan of scenario-driven OSR stuff. Lamentations of the Flame Princess has been my go-to, but anything in that design space is fun.

    Tabletop RPGs have been a major hobby of mine since my first introduction to the hobby. About twenty years ago I came into the hobby by chance encounter at a yard sale. I bought a copy of the AD&D1e DMG for fifty cents without knowing what an RPG was. Twelve year old me just thought the pictures were dope. Lacking a PHB, my entry into the hobby was also an introduction to DIY RPGs. As soon as I realized that this was a game, I set about trying to reverse engineer how to play it. This consumed about a summer before I made my first playable draft for my friends. We played that version for a solid two years before a comic shop opened up in town.

    Funny enough, when I encountered the real PHB years later, it seemed unimpressive. The first edition of AD&D was as such that most of the important operational rules were in the DMG. That meant what remained in the PHB was nothing we hadn’t already worked out or made our own versions of. The few new things (Psionics, what?) we didn’t have much use for. Even with official rules in hand, we went back to what we had been doing. At least, until someone bought Alternity… But that’s a story for another time.

    I’ve been writing this or that for years now, but always for my own groups. It was only in the last few years that I committed myself to creating something I could publish. NaGaDeMon was the final push I needed. In 2017, I started assembling my scattered notes into a proper manuscript. Last November, I released the beta on DTRPG.

    Look forward to seeing what other people are working on.

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